Step 1

The Education

Here you will learn the philosophy behind how we teach people to eat better.  If you are serious about learning how to eat better long term, this is your first step.

This audio was recorded from one of our live seminars and presented by Lisa Colcord.

All the information presented is objective and not based on theory or our opinions. It is pure fact on how the body works from a physiological standpoint when it comes to foods we eat.

The education alone can revolutionize the way you think about eating and the choices you create, however statistics show that even if you align with it… you will do nothing about it.

Because we know that, we created a solution which is outlined in Step 2.

In order to fully grasp the philosophy of our solution and why we do what we do in our 4 week program, you deserve to complete Step 1 and listen to all nine of the audio clips.

Before each audio there is a brief overview of what that clip will cover and the total time of that audio.

You can listen instantly now by pressing play or conveniently download the Mp3 file by clicking the “MP3 File” link under the audio buttons.

The total time of all nine audios is less than 25 minutes. Enjoy!

Audio Part 1-9:  3.59 minutes

Learn the Staggering statistics from an Emergency Room Nurse and what she has seen first hand over 25 years.

Learn what is the Number one Epidemic in the US and the cause of it along with the single greatest predictor of adult obesity!

MP3 File

Audio Part 2-9:  2.15 minutes

The “experts” theory was-  fat is making us fat!

-Learn how the food industry responded, what the success and failure of this theory was

MP3 File

Audio Part 3-9:  2.26 minutes

Enter the Atkins Diet

-Learn how the food industry responded, the major problem with it and negative long term effects

MP3 File

Audio Part 4-9:  2.21 minutes

-Learn what you need to know if you want to get rid of fat on your body

-Understand the science of what happens in your body when you eat a well balanced meal and how that impacts fat gain or loss

MP3 File

Audio Part 5-9:  4.21 minutes

Carbohydrates have gotten a bad wrap…

-Learn the common mistake people make about carbs when choosing foods

-Discover what exactly the Glycemic Index is and what happens in your body when you eat a high glycemic meal

-Hear first hand the biggest reason why diets fail

-Understand why you are starving an hour after you eat Chinese food

MP3 File

Audio Part 6-9:  3.26 minutes

-Learn the benefits of eating a Low Glycemic Meal

-Understand the negative long term effects of high glycemic eating and why it makes it impossible for you to release weight

-Three things you might notice that are signs of high glycemic eating

-Discover why when people begin to exercise they don’t release the weight they expect to

MP3 File

Audio Part 7-9:  1.40 minutes

-Learn the general rule to see if a food is low glycemic or not and a few suggestions on foods to have and avoid

-Discover a tip on one thing you can very easily do at the start of your day that will completely impact the calories you consume for the rest of it

MP3 File

Audio Part 8-9:  3.05 minutes

The body is programmed for health yet due to the processed foods we eat and toxins from the environment we die early.

– Learn the top degenerative diseases that kill us and what you can do to help prevent this

– Understand why we require a high quality multivitamin to feed our cells proper nutrition

MP3 File

Audio Part 9-9:  2.33 minutes

Guidelines for choosing a high quality multivitamin supplement

– Learn the shocking truth about the false claims companies can make and get away with

– Hear 3 important guidelines you deserve to know while selecting a multivitamin supplement

– Source a great objective and 3rd party book recommendation where you can compare your supplement to the rest

If you want our multivitamin recommendation, contact us

(Our 4-Week Program includes our recommendation for a multivitamin.)

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Congratulations on completing Step 1.
Please continue to Step 2
and learn how you can apply what you just learned and create long term results!